Surveillance Video Released from Detroit Police Department Northwestern District, Lamar Moore Shooting

Detroit police Friday released a 68-second video that shows gunman, Lamar Moore, striding into one of the city’s precinct stations, spraying volleys from a shotgun at surprised officers before being fatally wounded within inches of three of his victims.

“We believe that there is great value to the public viewing what our officers have now had an opportunity to see. We want this video to be a tool for the law enforcement community, in general, to understand what happened — make some recommendations — for us, so that as an industry, law enforcement learns a lesson from this,” Detroit Police Department Chief Ralph Godbee.

Lamar Moore entered the Detroit Police Department Northwestern District, 11450 Warwick Street where the 6th and 8th precincts are combined, and began shooting. One shot hit an officer in her bulletproof vest, two officers were grazed in the head and one officer was hit in the back. Police returned fire that eventually killed Moore.

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