Terminated Pursuit: Driver of Red Dodge Intrepid Flees Mount Prospect Police

Mount Prospect police responded about 1:25 p.m. Saturday to a report of a suspicious person in a vehicle at Prospect Meadows Park near Rand Road and Euclid Avenue. A witness reported that the driver was parked near Prospect Meadows Park and had a gun on the passenger seat. When police arrived, the driver fled across the snow in the park and then south on Forest Ave in Mount Prospect.

A short pursuit proceeded southbound on Forest Avenue, then westbound on Kensington Road about 50 mph. The vehicle pursuit continued to Prindle northbound from Miner Street. The driver then proceeded eastbound Euclid Avenue and turned southeast on Rand Road.

Police had the license plate information and terminated the pursuit. Mount Prospect police continued east on Euclid Avenue.

The driver was described as a male/white.

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Prospect Meadows Park where a male/white driver fled police by driving across the snow.