Lockdown: Two Students Shot at Gardena High School Near Los Angeles

A gun in a 10th-grader’s backpack discharged Tuesday when he dropped the bag, wounding two students at a high school, including one who remained in critical condition, police said.

Two students, a girl and a boy, were reported accidentally wounded in a shooting at Gardena High School in Gardena, California. The victims have been transported from the school by paramedic rescue ambulances. One victim is in critical condition. One victim is also reported to be shot in the face or head. LAFD Ambulance 85 was one of the rescue-ambulances on the scene.

The shooting occurred about 10:30 a.m. on the Gardena High High School campus at 1300 W. 182nd St. in Gardena, California.

A suspect is a high school student and was at large in Gardena, California, but later placed in custody. The suspect is also described as a male/black wearing all black.

Gardena Police and LAPD were on the scene and were searching the area immediately after the shooting.

A suspect was apprehended by 11:55 a.m. PT.

A lockdown operation has been changed to an evacuation operation. The school student population is about 3100 students.

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