Cathy Cruz Marrero, Texting Woman Who Fell in Pool at Berkshire Mall Has Criminal History

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VIDEO: “Pedro from housekeeping asked if she was ‘OK’,” after a Reading, Pennsylvania woman was walking and texting on her phone and fell into a Berkshire Mall pool.

Cathy Cruz Marrero, a 49-year-old Berkshire Mall employee, who walked into an indoor pool wall and fell into a shallow depth pool on January 12, 2011, immediately got up from the pool, and stood nearby. An employee from housekeeping checked to she if she was OK. appeared on “Good Morning America” Thursday with her attorney James Polyak and said that someone should have helped instead of making her a national laughing stock.

The security guard responsible for sharing the video had been fired, according to U.S. Security Associates, the company that provides security at the mall.

And a previous criminal history has turned up for Cathy Cruz Marrero. Cathy A. Cruz Marrero was charged with credit card fraud after using a co-worker’s credit cards to make more than $5,000 in purchases at two local stores in October 2009. She also has other theft charges and a hit-and-run charge in her criminal history. Marrero was convicted for retail theft four times. She served a year of probation after a conviction of a hit-and-run charge in Berks County in 2009.

On Good Morning America, Marrero complained with her attorney James M. Polyak that security laughed about her accident instead of checking on her well-being.

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She appeared in court immediately after the GMA appearance to face the credit card fraud charges. She applied for immediate punishment, which includes restitution of $4,177.