Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo Loses Another Job After LA Times Exposé

The ousted former official accused of looting millions of dollars from the small, blue-collar city of Bell is out of another job, as a volunteer parking lot attendant for Huntington Beach’s International Surf Museum.

Former City Manager for Bell, California, Robert Rizzo had been volunteering at Huntington Beach’s International Surf Museum as part of his court-ordered community service for a drunken driving arrest last year.

Rizzo looted millions of dollars from the city after raising taxes. His own salary was $1.5 million. Others on the city payroll also received high salaries. Eight current and former city officials have been charged in a sweeping corruption case. All have pleaded not guilty.

The LA Times exposed Rizzo’s volunteer job at the surf museum, and he was soon fired or forced to resign.

The city of Bell faces a deficit of several million dollars.