You’d Better Watch Out: Top Five Holiday Hazards

NBC’s Today Show offers up the five top hazards of the holidays from Women’s Health Magazine Contributor Dr. Keri Peterson. Starting December 2010, video from The Today Show is available every day in The Cardinal’s top left post ‘Now! Hot Trends, Hot News, Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz.

The Top Five Holiday Hazards

(1) Cuts and wounds most common in the kitchen, especially while distracted. Also those nasty plastic electronics containers are dangerous when they are opened carelessly with a knife.

(2) Thousands of people are injured every year from falls during decorating. Ladder Pointers? Stay on level ground, don’t over-reach, and stay off the top two rungs.

(3) About 400 fires with about 40 deaths occur per year during the holiday season. Watch for dry Christmas trees, overload or improperly used electrical cords, and candles.

(4) Stress and heart attack. Busy? Overeating. Don’t fear disrupting festivities if chest pain is calling.

(5) Car Crashes: Alcohol is involved in almost 50% of auto accident fatalities.


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