Death Threat Complaint Filed By Kathy Tate-Bradish and Jan Czarnik After Pledge of Allegiance Controversy at 8th Congressional District Debate

League of Women Voters member Kathy Tate-Bradish moderated a recent 8th Congressional District debate in Grayslake featuring U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean, a Democrat from Barrington, Republican Joe Walsh of McHenry and the Green Party’s Bill Scheurer. She’s been criticized for obstructing a request to say the Pledge of Allegiance before the debate of the 8th Congressional District on October 21.


SOMEONE FROM THE AUDIENCE: Are we going to say the Pledge of Allegiance

TATE-BRADISH: No we are not. Excuse me, I have nothing for or against saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of something like this, but in fact that has never been part …


AUDIENCE: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

In the video segement, Glenn Beck immediately asks, “Who is not for or against the Pledge of Allegiance?” Then the program cuts back to the incident before the debate showing TATE-BRADISH lecturing the audience.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I hope. I hope. That that will be te last time that I am disrespected. There is certainly no disrespect [heckle] Excuse me! Excuse me! There is no disrespect to the flag when something in a forum, which does not typically begin with the Pledge of Allegiance, doesn’t begin with it. There’s no disrespect intended.

— Kathy Tate-Bradish

Illinois League of Women Voters Executive Director Jan Czarnik called the incident phony patriotism by supporters of the Joe Walsh campaign.

Glenn Beck explains in the segment that Tate-Bradish is a staunch support of President Barack Obama’s election campaign. In 2007 Bradish hosted a campaign event at her home for Organizing for America’s Hope, Action, Change campaign.

In the video segment Glenn Beck reports that Jan Czarnik worked with ACORN’s Project Vote funded by TIDES. She is also a member of the People for the American Way (funded by George Soros) and the Democracy Alliance (funded by George Soros).

ALIPAC VIDEO: Left leaning League of Women voters forum gets a surprise when American Patriots refuse to omit the pledge of allegiance from a formal gathering dealing with high level political office in America.

Wednesday and Thursday, Tate-Bradish and Jan Czarnik file complaints of death threats with law officers
League of Women Voters member Tate-Bradish filed a report about Internet death threats Wednesday with Evanston police.

League of Women Voters Illinois Executive Director Jan Czarnik filed a report claiming she and Kathy Tate-Bradish received Internet death threats as a consequence of the controversy at the debate. Czarnik also reported ‘menacing’ posts on Fox News Channel’s Facebook page and Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze.

Americans for Legal Immigration – ALIPAC an immigration reduction-oriented political action committee. Its president is William Gheen and it is frequently quoted in the national and international press on immigration issues.

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  1. I was the Marine and Viet nam vet who stood and started the “UNPLANNED” pledge. This Obama zombie was NOT about to disrespect me and other vets, whom who gave their lives for the right to say the pledge. There was an American flag on the stage and this liberal Obama zombie thinks she is going to tell me that I can not say the pledge – NOT in my lifetime will she or any other socialist liberal tell me what to do nor will I standby and let them ruin this great country any further. OBAMA MUST be impeached ASAP and his Obama care disaster repealed.

    Tom Smolich

  2. (QUOTE)Comments are not always posted immediately because a moderator checks
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    commercial or irrelevant messages (spam), and outrageous attacks. (QUOTE)

    What about the hateful comment filled with name calling left by Tom Smolich? I bet he’s the one that (among others) threatened these women. Also, just so you know Mr. Smolich the Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist. Look it up.

  3. EXCUSE ME DANA – The comments I posted were NOT hateful – only truthfull. Apparently you are just another Obama supporter, I am sorry, Obama zombie, who can dish it out but can not take it. These far left liberals are quick to criticize but slow to admit it when they are wrong or have been caught with their facts wrong or when they hae done something wrong; you know like the whole Obama adminstration since he lieed his way into OUR White House and the Democrats in Congress since they have been incontrol since 2006 in both legislative houses. I know – I know – even tho’ they have been incontrol since 2006, IT WAS ALL BUSH”S FAULT !!!

    GREAT – if the Pledge was allegedly written by a liberal/socialist – all the more reason that liberals should know what it stands for.

    Socialistic liberals and Obama supporters should all LEAVE if they do not like it here. I will personally drive you to the Canadian border – just tell me where to meet you.

    I do NOT apologize for anything I said nor do I take it back. The truth hurst doesn’t it. WE THE PEOPLE are going to take this country back from these liberal traitors.


  4. PS No – I did not threaten her, I do not make threats. This woman cut her own throat and was stupid enough to try to tell an audience of patriots in a public forum, in a public building, with a flag on the stage, all paid for by public taxes that we were not going to be allowed to say the pledge ?? Are you kidding me ?? How stupid can she be?

    This is NOT Nazi Germany even tho’ Obama thinks he is a dictator or our king. I would like to thank Ms Tate-Bradish though for angering and motivating thousands of people across Lake County and America to vote for and elect Conservatives across America and put them into office.

    Thank you Kathy Tate-Bradish for showing your true colors and liberal stupidity.

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