9-1-1 Call for Father/Son Dispute Over Dinner in Buffalo Grove Gets National Attention

Recently, Buffalo Grove has had its share of news reports that reached the national level. This time it’s about an Emergency 9-1-1 call center becoming involved with a kid who won’t eat his dinner and is in a dispute with his father.

911 Call to BG Dad whose son wouldn’t eat dinner.
Buffalo Grove father of kid that won’t eat dinner, speaking with Northwest Central Dispatch 9-1-1 telecommunications call-taker: “If you really want to come, you’re welcome to come …”

The word on the street is that a 10-year old boy called 9-1-1 to complain about his dinner. But actually the boy dialed 9-1-1 and then hung up. The emergency 9-1-1 center, Northwest Central Dispatch, like most 9-1-1 centers, will attempt to call back ‘9-1-1 hangups’ because ‘hangups’ could be caused by a person who managed to dial 9-1-1, but collapsed because of a medical problem; or the ‘hangup’ could be caused by an offender who forced a crime victim to hang up just after the crime victim dialed 9-1-1.

When the boy dialed 9-1-1 and hung up, the 9-1-1 calltaker called the number back. Stefan Cristoltean, answered the phone and told the calltaker that his son had been misbehaving and wouldn’t eat his dinner: “I told him to call 911. He’s misbehaving in front of me and I told him, ‘Call them, let them come over here and see who’s right.’ And he called 9-1-1” And the child did just that, but he hung up apparently without saying anything.

The father told the 9-1-1 calltaker that he is the boss of the house, but that his son had an attitude. Apparently the father felt frustrated that there was a dispute with his son, who he felt he couldn’t control … A little ridiculous, most say, but not quite the same thing as a caller a few months ago, from another city, who called 9-1-1 because they weren’t satisfied with the food they got at a fast food drive-up window. 9-1-1 abuse?

The news story from Buffalo Grove reached DrudgeReport.com and thesmokinggun.com websites this past week.

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  1. Ridiculous? Yes. But maybe this is what happens when a parent worries about a child abuse charge, and a kid with an attitude knows that his Dad is worried about that child abuse charge and has his fatherly power stripped by the government. Call 9-1-1, let the government and police deal with it. You would be surprised what good ‘lawyers’ kids think they are.

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