Juveniles Start Grass on Fire Near Dryden School, Kids Caught, Parents Called

Arlington Heights police responded about 3:30 p.m. Sunday to a report of five juveniles setting the grass on fire at a field in the 800 block of South Dryden near Dryden School. The grass fire was immediately extinguished.

Police caught up with five suspects at Newbury and Banbury. Police called the parents and had them come to meet the police and their children near Newbury Place and Banbury Road.

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  1. This reminds me of what happened on Cleveland Ave, a few blocks away during the early summer. Somebody poured grass killer on lawns up and down the street. A home I was selling needed to have the entire front lawn resodded for nearly $3000. The parents of kids in that Scarsdale/Park Manor neighborhood need to find what their kids are up to. If I knew who had done this, I would have prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

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