After Robbing Bank of America on Devon, Man Kills Self in Taxi Pursued by Chicago Police

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Chicago police responded to the Bank of America, 2545 West Devon Aveneu just after 9:50 a.m. Tuesday and quickly spotted the taxi cab that was serving as the getaway car from the bank robbery.

The armed robber got away with cash and fled in a taxi cab after he made a threat that he had a gun and a bomb. Police were able to stop the cab at Catalpa and Western Avenue, but the man shot and killed himself before police reached the cab. Catalpa and Western intersection is about 10 blocks south of Devon and three blocks east of the bank address.

The Chicago Police Bomb and Arson Unit detonated a briefcase that was with the man. Nothing was found inside the briefcase.

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  1. Based on autopsy results provided to the family, this individual was found to have lung cancer and cancer of the small intestines that had gone untreated which in turn had been spread throughout his body including the brain. As a result there had been sever damage and injury on the organ. The spread of the cancer throughout the body and the brain created server physical and psychological damage which in turn lead to the erratic and uncharacteristic behavior that took place on August 10th, 2010. This is the reason why anyone who was related to him or had come across him in their lives could not link this man to this story and are all in a state of shock. For further clarification about brain injuries caused by the spread of cancer that is left untreated please speak to a trusted Cancer Specialist.

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