A Parody to Park 51 New York Community Center/Mosque Appears on Twitter: PARK51PR

The New York mosque controversy continues with a parody of the twitter account for the Mosque or Lower Manhattan Community Center project. The official site for the Mosque proposed and opposed near the 9/11 ground zero site in New York is twitter.com/park51. The parody site is twitter.com/park51PR

The operators of the real Park 51 site have warned readers of the fake twitter account. Among the most vile of the tweets from the parody site, according to Celese Katz of the New York Times is a tweet that says, “We would like to thank the media, who has been so friendly to our plight,” which includes a link to a video of the beheading of Daniel Pearl. Daniel Pearl was South Asia Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal when he was kidnapped near the Metropole Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan on January 23, 2002 and beheaded nine days later.