Power Line Fall, Arcs Near Woman Walking Her Dog on Oakton St. Sidewalk

Video: Mount Prospect firefighters at a downed power line cover for Arlington Heights firefighters busy on an apartment fire alarm related to the same power line problem.

Police and firefighters responded to a downed power line on Oakton Street, just east of Douglas Avenue. A woman was walking her dog on the sidewalk on the north side of Oakton when the electric power line snapped and fell to the ground and arced and smoked for a short time. The woman and her dog were only about one lot away from the location where the line fell.

Mount Prospect firefighters responded to the 700 block of East Oakton Street, because Arlington Heights firefighters responded to a fire alarm caused by a power disturbance at Avalon Apartments, 200 North Arlington Heights Road. The power disturbance was likely caused by the downed power line.

Com Ed arrived on the scene for repairs just minutes after the first Mount Prospect fire crews arrived. Arlington Heights firefighters arrived and relieved Mount Prospect firefighters that were keeping the scene secure.

Initially most people had electric power in the neighborhood, but later that night — about 9:45 p.m. Sunday — the neighborhood lost power for a short time during repair work.

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