Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Signs Law at Campbell Street Bicycle Shop to Protect Bicycle Riders

Governor Pat Quinn speaking as he signed a bill into law that will keep bicyclists safer on Illinois roads by making it illegal for automobile drivers to crowd bikers.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation into law that are designed to better protect bicyclists in the State of Illinois.

Governor Quinn sign the legislation today at Campbell Street Bicycle Shop, 13 West Campbell Street in downtown Arlington Heights. And then became part of parade detail for the Arlington Heights July 5th Parade for Independence Day.

SB 2951 – Bicycle Safety
Provides that a person driving a motor vehicle shall not, in a reckless manner, drive the motor vehicle unnecessarily close to, toward, or near a “bicyclist, pedestrian, or a person riding a horse or driving an animal drawn vehicle” (rather than just a “bicyclist” as provided by the introduced bill, as amended). Changes the penalty for a crowding a bicyclist from a Class 4 felony to a Class 3 felony.

According to League of Illinois Bicyclists executive director Ed Barsotti the bills “will help both motorists and bicyclists do their parts in sharing our roadways safely.”

According to the group one bill will establish new penalties for motorists that drive recklessly or unnecessarily close to bicyclists.

The second piece of legislation (SB 2798) will create “Share the Road” Illinois licenses plates. The money from the license plates will fund education campaigns.

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