AHPD Assists Palatine Police on Vehicle Burglary that ‘Just Occurred’ Near Olive and Wilke

Arlington Heights police received a request for assistance from Palatine Police Department about 11:40 p.m. Sunday for a search of burglary suspects that fled Palatine police in the area of Wilke and Olive. Teen burglars were described as wearing all black and carrying black backpacks. Police were aware that one of the suspects may have lived on the north side of the Village of Arlington Heights where police were also searching for the suspect in the area of Palatine and Arlington Heights Road.

While they were searching for burglary suspects, an erratic driver was pulled over from southbound Arlington Heights Road near Palatine Road and stopped at the Dominick’s/Walgreens parking lot about 11:45 p.m. Sunday. Police checked the descriptions on the traffic stop, but they did not match the burglary suspects.

Later, Arlington Heights police picked up a suspect for Palatine police at the suspect’s home in Arlington Heights and transported the suspect to Palatine Police Department headquarters.

Multiple vehicle burglaries were reported in Arlington Heights and Buffalo Grove Monday morning. Police are checking proceeds from the burglary suspects in Palatine with the items that are missing from vehicles around town.