Tornado Video West of Peoria at Yates City and Elmwood, Illinois

Yates City/Elmwood storm chase video begins at 8:01:34pm CST, about 2 minutes after the tornado touched down.

The storm chaser location is a little less than one mile south of Yates City and Elmwood on Highway 78. View of earlier video is northwest towards Yates City. Later video is located about 1 mile further south on highway 78 viewing north-northeast toward Elmwood. At the end the video is viewing closer to due east. Videographer reports tornado on the ground for about 8 minutes. Skies are calm from the videographer’s vantage point, with Redwing Blackbird calling out in the background.

Another storm chaser ( caught this view of the tornado near Yates City.

Raw video of the tornado that hit Elmwood, IL on June 5, 2010 — recorded as the tornado traveled just north of Yates City and while vehicle was traveling along Highway 8.

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More video with a view of the Yates City/Elmwood tornado on the rainy side of the storm north of the tornado (Videographer is viewing south).

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