Israeli Commandos Raid Aid Ship, Kill 10 Palestinians, Claim Self-Defense

Tensions are running high in the Middle East after Israeli commandos attacked a fleet of ships headed to the Gaza Strip. President Obama has expressed “deep regret” over the raid.

Chicagoan Fatima Mohammadi was on one of the ships that was part of a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip that was stormed by Israeli commandos. Ten Palestinians were killed by Israeli commandos — an act Israel describes as self-defense. The action has caused international uproar from Turkey, France and others countries.

A protest was immediately assembled in Washington D.C. …

Dozens of people outraged by a deadly Israeli commando raid on ships taking humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip demonstrated outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington Monday afternoon, chanting “End the siege in Gaza now!” and carrying banners that that demand U.S. to stop aid to Israel.