Gas Pipeline Explosion near Granbury, Texas Southwest of Dallas Kills 1

A large natural gas line in north Texas erupted Monday after utility workers accidentally hit an Enterprise Products Partners natural gas pipeline, sending a massive fireball into the air and killing one worker.

Video from KDFW shows a fire whirl (also known as a fire devil or a fire tornado) offset from the main fire of the gas well/pipe transportation fire near Pecan Plantation, Texas — southwest of Dallas/Fort Worth area.

A large explosion at at gas well has caused a large fire. Residents could feel the ground shake and see flames shooting very high in the air. The fire can be seen from 30 miles away. The fire is near Pecan Plantation, Cleburne and Granbury, Texas in Hood County. The fire was reported about 3 p.m. CDT at 2101 County Road 1120 in Hood County.

Seven men from the C&H Powerline Construction crew were injured. One of the workers was missing from the pipeline transportation/gas well location west of Cleburne, Texas (about 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas). One body, presumed of the missing man, was discovered about 200 yards from the blast site. An early report incorrectly claimed that three men had perished.

Fire department tanker trucks and brush trucks responded to the scene along with regular fire equipment. A fireline was reported on County Road 308. Fire equipment was drafting water from local lakes to fight a large brush fire ignited by the explosion.

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