Need Reliable 3G Data Service with an iPad? Check Verizon Wireless MiFi

3GSTORE.COM Video: How you can use a Verizon Wireless MiFi (mobile router) to provide better 3G service to your Apple iPad.

3Gstore demonstration of the Apple iPad with a Verizon Wireless MiFi 2200. 3Gstore points to the advantage of using Verizon MiFi compared to using an Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G device.

MiFi is a mobile wireless router that can network up to five devices simultaneously. The Verizon Wireless network has a greater coverage area for mobile broadband compared to AT&T. With the Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G device a user does not need a MiFi to connect anywhere, unless the AT&T coverage is not available. For those who need the extra reliability, the MiFi is a great choice.

MiFi is more expensive at about $40/month for 250 MB, and $60/month for 5GB of data usage per month. AT&T plans are $14.99/month for 250MB data usage per month, and $29.95/month for unlimited data use. With the AT&T service you can turn the data service on or off at any time. Verizon Wireless charges a fee to interrupt the service. Cancellation of the Verizon Wireless service causes an early termination fee. Suspending the service is also an option, but Verizon Wireless also charges $15 for suspending the billing and limits the number of times that a MiFi can be

With the purchase of a MiFi, a user can purchase the less expensive iPad Wi-Fi, instead of the Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G device — about a $230 savings for each device.

The MiFi is definitely a more reliable device for 3G coverage, but the setup requires the user carry that MiFi as an extra device. The user has to decide if the inconvenience of carrying an extra device is outweighed by the ability to use of up to five other devices, such as an iPhone, a laptop, or even a desktop if your cable modem goes down.