Hometown Parade: Lee DeWyze Takes Emotional Ride to Mount Prospect Paint

Video of Lee DeWyze motorcade arriving at Mount Prospect Paint, Inc. on Northwest Highway.

It was a long day for American Idol star Lee DeWyze: A visit to an AT&T store, interviews on radio stations, greeting some fans along the way on Lake Street, a Cubs game at Wrigley, a visit to Forest View Alternative School, a visit to his grade school St. James in Arlington Heights, and a short motorcade/parade in downtown Mount Prospect. But it was the moment Lee DeWyze pulled up to the Mount Prospect Paint Store, where he once worked, that he probably got the most choked up. He saw Bill Lagattolla — owner of Mount Prospect Paint — waiting there, along with thousands of fans who were chanting ‘vote for Lee’ and holding banners high for him to see. He seemed to be overwhelmed at the point when he pulled up to 500 East Northwest Highway, near the corner of Northwest Highway and Prospect Manor Avenue.

He thanked the crowd, hopped out of a black Ford Mustang convertible, signed a few autographs and headed into the store for a private visit, some photo opportunities, and some video opportunities. He even mixed some paint, near a table where several guitars were displayed.

After awhile the crowed wanted Lee back outside and started chanting ‘We want Lee!” He was soon coming out waving and ducking into a stretch limousine for a quick trip to Arlington Park for his mini-concert where another crowd of about 41,000 people were waiting.

Lee DeWyze singing The Boxer … “Going home, cuz Mount Prospect and Arlington Heights is where I’d really go … Bleeding me, going home.”

DeWyze attended Saint James Catholic School in Arlington Heights, Illinois, for elementary school and then a few years at Prospect High school. He also attended Forest View Alternative School in Arlington Heights. He states that music and his teachers were his inspiration to go back to his studies. Before American Idol, DeWyze worked as a paint salesman at Mount Prospect Paint, Inc.

DeWyze auditioned in Chicago for the ninth season of American Idol with the song “Ain’t No Sunshine”, which was also covered by Kris Allen. During Hollywood week, his group included Aaron Kelly and Crystal Bowersox, who all made it into the top 24 and subsequently the top 5. The earlier this week he made the top three level, and was guaranteed today’s celebration.

Enjoy this walking cameraman youtube.com/jesteringjeffrey with background music The Boxer, Still the One, A Little Less Conversation.

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  1. LEE DEWYZE is the “TRUE American Idol”!!! And your tape just proved that. My GOD!!! I knew he has a lot of fans all over (Canada, Singapore, everywhere) and they are all just like me A DIE HARD FAN OF LEE DEWYZE!!! I never was really fond of watching American Idol until I saw him. When he sings, his voice, his eyes, everything about him speaks right thru our hearts!!!!
    Thank you so much for covering this parade, IT IS SO GREAT!!!!

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