Rescue from Partially-Submerged Vehicle in Apartment Pond Near Busse and Dempster

Mount Prospect police and firefighter/paramedics responded to a report about 10:40 p.m. Tuesday of a car crashed through a fence into a pond, just north of the intersection of Busse and Dempster. When Mount Prospect police arrived in the area, they found a car partially submerged in an apartment pond at Busse and Hatherleigh. An unknown number of people were at the top of the car that was submerged in knee-deep to waist-deep water. One person on top of the car was injured. Firefighter/paramedics donned Mustang Survival suits and swam out to reach the victims. Firefighters determined no people were trapped in the car.

The injured victim was rescued using a Stokes basket fixed to the Mount Prospect Fire Department ladder tower truck. The ladder tower was extended over the pond, the injured victim was immobilized and placed into the a Stokes basket, the Stokes basket was attached to the ladder tower and lifted out of the pond and moved to shore by 11:30 p.m. Mount Prospect firefighter/paramedics transported at least one victim to a local hospital.

Police determined Luis Tamez, 36, of Mount Prospect was the injured person and the driver. He was charged with DUI, and cited for improper lane usage and operating a vehicle without insurance.

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