Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Kills More Than 400 in Qinghai Province, Western China

A series of strong earthquakes struck China’s western Qinghai province Wednesday, killing at least 300 people, injuring thousands and burying many others under toppled houses.

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck China’s Qinghai province on the Tibetan Plateau, killing about 400 people and injuring 8,000. Qinghai has a population of 5.57 million.

Magnitude 6.9 SOUTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA April 13, 2010

ORIGIN TIME — Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 23:49:37 UTC
COORDINATES — 33.271°N, 96.629°E
LOCATION — SOUTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA about 375 kilometers (235 miles) southeast of the city of Golmud

Golmud is located almost 2,000 kilometers west of Beijing.