Man Down on the Driveway, Naked and Combative on South Highland

Arlington Heights police received a report about 4:20 p.m. Thursday of a man down on his driveway without any clothes in the 1200 block of South Highland Avenue. Police called for backup as the man was combative to the first responding officer. The man was arrested and transported in custody to Arlington Heights Police Headquarters. Since he was combative with police, the man was hobbled with restraints near the ankles, as well as handcuffed.

In an unrelated call, another man was down in the parking lot at the same time in a retail parking lot near Northwest Highway and Wilke Road. The man was a young-to-middle-age man who witnesses at the scene reported was receiving CPR at the scene in front of the Radio Shack, just south of Wilke and Northwest Highway.

Arlington Heights Fire Department was busy with other multiple medical calls in the next hour, as well.

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