Woman Loses Fingers While Feeding Bear at Lincoln Park Zoo, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Police say a bear bit off a woman’s fingers at a Wisconsin zoo after she ignored barriers and warning signs to try to feed the animal.

Tracy Weiler, 47, lost two full fingers and severed several others. Weiler went past the designated viewing areas, ignored the safety signs, and went up to the fence. When she fed the bear, the bear clamped down on her hand. Her boyfriend, Larry Bosworth, 51, tried to pry open the bears mouth until the bear eventually let go. Bosworth was bitten, also; but he didn’t lose any fingers.

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  1. I understand if this would be a kid but an adult to be that unreasonable to feed a bear at the zoo is just very bad! That what happens when people ignore safety signs and think they are smarter!

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