DASH CAM VIDEO: Brooklyn Heights Police Officer John Lambert Hit on Jennings Freeway

Lt. John Lambert of the Brooklyn Heights, Ohio police department is in fair condition with multiple broken bones after an out-of-control car hit him while he was helping a driver along the side of a highway.

Brooklyn Heights, Ohio Police Department Lt. John Lambert stopped his police squad car on the Jennings Freeway south to Interstate 480 at 4:40 p.m. Saturday to help a driver who crashed into the guardrail in icy and snowy weather. As he and the driver stood behind the crashed car, a 30-year-old Sagamore Hills woman lost control and struck the front of the police car, then proceeded to hit Lambert and knock him over the guardrail onto the shoulder of the oncoming lanes. Then the car hit the crashed car.

Officer John Lambert suffered a broken pelvis, tailbone and eye socket. He is listed in fair condition at MetroHealth Medical Center.

The woman and the other man that had crashed the guardrail first were not injured.