9-1-1 Audio: “Bring Soldiers, Too” Seven-Year-Old Carlos Calls 9-1-1, Saves Family

Norwalk California: A 7-year-old boy talks to a 911 dispatcher in Los Angeles County as armed men break into his family’s home. The boy locked himself and a sister in a bathroom. The men broke into the bathroom and fled when the boy said he called police.

Carlos, 7, and his six-year-old sister were hiding in a locked bathroom when Carlos called 9-1-1. The three offenders fled when they learned that the 9-1-1 call had already been placed. Carlos had already given the 9-1-1 operator detailed information about the home invasion. “Bring some cops … and ambulance … and all of them … and bring soldier, too (elapsed time 0:41)”

When three armed robbers found Carlos hiding in the bathroom with his sister, the offenders asked him who he was talking to on the phone. In the 9-1-1 audio you can hear the men enter the bathroom. The 9-1-1 operator is heard relaying the information that the robbers broke into the bathroom to the other dispatcher that was in contact with responding police units.

Nobody was injured in the home invasion. The suspects were not captured.

Los Angeles County Sheriff 9-1-1 Operator/Dispatcher Monique Patino and Carlos met in front of the media Wednesday.

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