Alleged Tiger Mistress Joslyn James Wants an Apology from Tiger Woods (TRANSCRIPT)

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Video of Veronica Siwik-Daniels (Joslyn James) and her attorney Gloria Allred asking for an apology.

Gloria Allred:
Whatever rehab Tiger participates in, will not be meaningful [crying-like pouty face] or effective unless he (Tiger) acknowledges the relationship that he had with my client Veronica. He must call her … and better yet meet with her in person [Veronica and Allred holding hands] to apologize to her and explain why he lied to her — over and over again.

Veronica gave up her occupation — her primary source of income, her only source of income — as a porn star because Tiger was very jealous. And he could not stand the thought of her being with another man (ie. See her film title list on IMDB.COM). However this former porn star is also a human being, who has feelings. And who has been hurt [Gloria Allred ‘sad eyes’ face], and who has been devastated by the lies from the man she loved [Gloria Allred ‘scorned face’], and whom she believed loved her.

It is time for Tiger Woods to take responsibility for the deep pain that he has inflicted on Veronica. She may not be his wife, but she was a very important woman in his life [Veronica wiping away tears now — choked up], and it is time for him to ask her for her forgiveness.

Vernoica Siwik-Daniels:
I would be open to a telephone apology from Tiger [Veronica coddled by Allred with ‘sad-eyes’], but I really feel that I deserve to look at him in person, face-to-face, in his eyes, because I didn’t deserve this [really crying now]. I’ve had to deal with a lot … and too much from him, and because of him. It never had to come to this. He knows that I was very straight and honest with him. But for a long time he lied to me. I never wanted to cause Elin, Sam or Charlie any pain, but I’m not the sole cause. Tiger pursued me, and over time I fell in love with him, and he told me he loved me too. I’m so sorry for my part [sniff] in any of their pain, being Sam, Elin, or Charlie, but I can’t help that I fell in love with him.

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  1. Oh come on ladies, put a lid on it. All of you knew you were consenting to have an affair with a married man. There is only ONE person All of you owe an apology to….HIS WIFE. Quit your whining and buck up. I have NO SYMPATHY for any of you.

  2. I am so sick of Gloria Allred!! Get a really job and be a real lawyer. She is such a media whore and all she cares about is getting her fifteen minutes of fame. Along with her patheic client’s. For your client the porn star(or should I say homewrecker) to actually think that Tiger loved her and owed her anything is REACHING… She knew he was married and if she was stupid enough to give up what she does for a living for him..cause he was (supposively jealous)LOL!!! (GIVE ME A BREAK)then she is the idiot and gets what she deserves, which is nothing…Gloria stop representing these women just so you can see yourself on TV! I believe I speak for everyone, enough already, you and you pathetic clients get no sympathy from anyone cause we all know a phony when we see one!!!

  3. Those woman who had affairs with Tiger should blame themselves 100% and no one else. They all knew he was married or could have found out easily. He was a public figure and could not hide the fact that he was married. But those woman made the conscious choice to go with him anyway, knowing that. They don’t deserve apologies at all, rather they, and their stupid self serving lawyers should issue apologies to his wife, who is the ONLY victim in any of this ! She’s got some nerve !

  4. Come on! (Iger doesn’t owe u anything your a whore. You knew he was married. He should apologize to his wife only. I mean he’s a celebrity its not like you couldn’t google him and find out he was married. Your just looking for your big porn career break. Your disgusting and a shame to the female raise. Put a big fat lid on it.

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