Chicago-Area Earthquake 3.8 Magnitude — Centered Near Gilberts, Elgin, Illinois

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The epicenter was just south of the Pingree Grove Police Department Headquarters.

A 3.8 magnitude earthquake struck Chicagoland at 3:59 a.m. Wednesday while heavy wind gusts from a winter storm were still blowing early Wednesday. The earthquake epicenter is reported 1 mile SSE of Pingree Grove, Illinois, — near west suburban Elgin, Geneva, Gilberts, and Sleepy Hollow. No injuries or damage reported (early report).

The shake was tight and short duration in Arlington Heights — similar to two sonic bombs with the first more intense. It also felt like two very heavy, but short duration gusts of wind. The house made a noise, especially toward the roof, but also throughout the house. It felt like the house took a good crosswind. Nothing fell and nothing rattled.

One resident in Arlington Heights felt the rattling coming, then two successive shock waves less than one second apart. The two waves were followed by the noise of of chandeliers tinkling.

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Details Magnitude 3.8 – ILLINOIS on 2010 February 10 09:59:33 UTC (3:59 AM CT)

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  1. When my boyfriend told me that he felt an earthquake this morning, I thought that he either was dreaming of it or he wanted to be funny! Coulddn’t belive that we actually had one!

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