Tata Nano Visits Elgin’s Judson University Thanks to Alum Kevin Noe

India’s Tata Motors Nano was introduced last March.

Nano’s North American debut is scheduled at the Detroit Science Center later this week, but first the car stopped for a showing at Judson University in Elgin Monday Night — that because Judson University alum Kevin Noe is chief marketing officer for Tata Technologies.

The car …
10 feet long and 5 feet wide
2-cylinder, 0.6-liter engine
33bhp @ 5250 rpm
Rear wheel drive
The engine is also in the rear
(only Porsche also has rear wheel drive and rear engine layout)

How much does the Tata Nano weigh?
Weighs 600 kg (1323 LBS)
Top speed 65 mph
How’s the gas mileage on the Tata Nano: 56 mpg

Base model has no air conditioning, no power steering, no power windows, no air bags, no radio, no cup holders.

Expected to debut in U.S. market in 2013.

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Official Website: tatamotors.com