Suspicious Male Subjects Follow Business Driver Making Bank Run

A business driver carrying a large amount of cash from a bank in a drop box noticed two suspicious males following him as he was taking the large amount of cash from the bank about 11:05 a.m. Friday. Two male subjects were spotted looking into the business driver’s vehicle while it was parked at an unknown location. Both subjects were light-skinned, and eventually fled to a green Jeep Cherokee. The driver was wearing a black ski mask. The other offender was wearing a multi-colored knit hat pulled over his face. When the subjects noticed they were spotted, they fled westbound on Dundee Road in a older model green Jeep Cherokee. The business driver chased the Jeep for a short time westbound on Dundee (cross-street withheld for driver security).

Arlington Heights police are investigating.

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  1. I bet that the suspicious males were burglars and they wanted $$$. Being the business driver, I would ^%^$% those suspicious males and maybe they finally learn the lesson!!! $#$#!

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