Road Rage, One Punched at the Speedway Rand and Waterman

Arlington Heights police received a report about 12:30 p.m. Sunday of a man punched by another man after a road rage incident. Both drivers pulled into the Speedway at Rand Road and Waterman in Prospect Heights — that’s one at least one punch was thrown. The offender was in a tan Honda CRV, but fled the scene without his vehicle after he punched his victim. The offender is described as a male/white 6′ tall, wearing a black jacket and blue jeans, and running toward Brandenberry Apartment/Condominiums. The male offender and another person in the offender’s car ran to a residence nearby. They had one of the subject’s girlfriend come over and get her car (that’s right the Honda CRV was her car) from the Speedway. Police checked on the males at the residence.

The victim was struck in the head by the offender, and refused paramedics. Arlington Heights police and Prospect Heights responded.

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