Sneak Preview Global Conflict News & Maps: World News Blog with Map Reference

The Cardinal welcomes a sneak preview of a new website dedicated to political and military conflict news from around the world., from the same publisher as is due to roll out January 1, 2010. Content is already being filed and the design is also ready for a preview. You will recognize a familiar design, which should help you gather information quickly and efficiently.

Already, two reports for the world-focused website are out of the Illinois area:

Chicago Travel Agent and 2nd Terror Suspect Had Advanced Knowledge of Mumbai, India Attack …

Coming to America, Coming to Illinois: The New Gitmo at Thomson Correctional Center …

The website is integrated with a map-focused website with similar web address:


The latter website is a world map, which is separated into regions. Additional maps related to the site include a world weather site, a day/night world map, a world time map, and more.

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