Theft at Kohls: Offenders Spin Out on Dundee and Flee Westbound in Blue SUV

Arlington Heights police responded to retail theft in progress at Kohls about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday. The offenders are described as two female/blacks — both about 5’9″ and 180 pounds. Both were dressed in black and were reported to have concealed items in black purses. The two black females were accompanied by a white/female who was pregnant. The women fled westbound on Dundee Road in a blue SUV. As they exited the parking lot, their vehicle spun out and headed west on Dundee Road. There were also possibly males involved in the theft. The males fled on foot toward the Chuckie Cheese parking lot across Dundee Road. The males were described as being in their 30’s.

Simultaneously with the first case, a female was arrested for retail theft at the Kohls. A male was also possibly arrested. It is unknown if there was any connection of the arrested suspects with the two black females who fled.