Relatives Close to Victims: Opposition Letter to Barack Obama Over 9/11 Trials


Former FDNY firefighter Tim Brown answers what is the most vivid memory: When Tower 2 was hit, ‘we all knew we were going to die’ … ‘we knew it was an act of war.’ ( Juliet Huddy’s interview of Tim Brown).

The decision to hold the 9/11 court proceedings in New York City is under protest from thousands of citizens. New York firefighter Tim Brown, survivor of the 9/11 WTC Attack, is getting the message out. Brown declares that the decision to hold the trials in New York “Mock the victims. Mock the families [of victims].” Brown believes “the [Obama] administration is in the land of make believe.” He asks, ‘Who is pushing Obama to take 9/11 enemy combatants to New York court as criminals?’

A letter was sent to President Barack Obama on November 9, 2009 giving the president notice that citizens adamantly oppose prosecuting terrorists as criminals in the courts instead of enemy combatants with military tribunals. The letter explains that the American people do not support the use of our cherished federal courts as a stage by the “mastermind of 9/11” and his co-conspirators to condemn this nation and rally their fellow terrorists the world over. Unlike military commissions, all of the 9/11 cases will be vulnerable in federal court to defense motions that their prosecutions violate the Speedy Trial Act. One troublesome technicality? None of the 9/11 conspirators were given the Miranda warnings mandated in Article III courts. How does that play out if they were viewed by soldiers and officials as enemy combatants and not criminals at the time of their capture? Prosecutors contend that the lengthy, self-incriminating tutorials Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others gave to CIA interrogators about 9/11 and other terrorist operations–called “pivotal for the war against Al-Qaeda” in a recently released, declassified 2005 CIA report–may be EXCLUDED in federal trials. The letter is signed by family members and others close to the victims and fallen rescuers of September 11, 2001.

We adamantly oppose prosecuting the 9/11 conspirators in Article III courts, which would provide them with the very rights that may make it possible for them to escape the justice which they so richly deserve. We believe that military commissions, which have a long and honorable history in this country dating back to the Revolutionary War, are the appropriate legal forum for the individuals who declared war on America. With utter disdain for all norms of decency and humanity, and in defiance of the laws of warfare accepted by all civilized nations, these individuals targeted tens of thousands of civilian non-combatants, brutally killing 3,000 men, women and children, injuring thousands more, and terrorizing millions.

— Excerpt from the letter to Obama on November 9, 2009

Interested citizens can voice their protest by signing the letter online at

Over 5,000 people signed up in the initial 36 hours of signing becoming available.

The petition begins …
‘I support the letter sent by 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America and urging you to not bring the terrorist detainees held at Guantanamo Bay to trial in Article III courts.’

See for more information or to sign the letter/petition.

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