Rolling Meadows MB Financial Bank Robber Caught at Speedway at Arlington Heights and Palatine Road

Possible connection? ‘Beach Bum Bandit’… Investigators seeking connection of robbery at Mutual Bank, 801 East Nerge Rd, Roselle, IL (5-8-2009 & 5/22/2009) and MB Financial Bank, 2251 Plum Grove Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL (6/4/2009 & 8/11/2009).

William F. Wohlers, 30, of Buffalo Grove was charged in the robbery of the MB Financial Bank in Rolling Meadows August 11, 2009. Wohlers is also a suspect in the “Beach Bum Bandit” robberies (see below).

A bank robber was captured after a traffic stop initiated by an alert Arlington Heights police officer who saw a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle that was suspected of being associated with a robbery at the MB Financial Bank at 2251 Plum Grove Road in Rolling Meadows Tuesday morning about 9:40 a.m.

The bank robber fled in a bicycle, but was suspected of using a motorized vehicle for extended getaway. The suspect in the bank was described as a male/white, late 20’s or early 30’s, wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, gray sweatshirt, khaki shorts and gym shoes. He was carrying a black shoulder bag. He was armed with a handgun at the bank. The bank robber also committed a ‘takeover robbery’ — that is, he took control of the bank by ordering employees and customers to the floor while he was inside the bank.

Another alert Arlington Heights police officer noticed a bicycle in the back bed of a red pickup truck at about 10:00 a.m. in the area of Arlington Heights Road and Rand Road. A team effort by the police officers were instrumental in converging on the suspect.

Simultaneously Rolling Meadows police officers in marked and unmarked squad cars, who had been carefully watching and following the suspect north on Route 53 and then southeastbound on Rand Road (Route 12), arrived in the area of Arlington Heights Road, Rand Road, and Palatine Road about 10:00 a.m.

Arlington Heights and Rolling Meadows police officers surrounded the red Ford pickup truck near the intersection of Arlington Heights Road and Palatine Road at the Speedway gas station. Police officers and the suspect then met to gather evidence at the Speedway at the northwest corner of Arlington Heights Road and Palatine Road. Money was in plain view inside the pickup truck on a seat. Bank robbery suspect in custody.

Police and FBI agents are investigating.

Police are also investigating whether today’s suspect, who is from Buffalo Grove, is the same man who robbed the same MB Financial Bank on June 4, 2009 (see Armed Bank Robbery MB Financial Bank Rolling Meadows Thursday Afternoon). The description of the robber on June 4 matched similar clothing of today’s robber. The investigation of the MB Financial Bank robber will also seek evidence whether he is the same robber as ‘The Beach Bum Bandit’ or ‘The Bullet Proof Bandit.’

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