New Video Released of Michael Jackson with His Hair on Fire from Pepsi TV Commercial Accident

Never-before-seen video footage of Michael Jackson’s hair on fire Pepsi commercial accident, filmed in L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium on Jan. 27, 1984 (provided by

The video shows the first take of the commercial when the pyrotechnic explosion detonated as planned — after Michael Jackson descended a stairway to a safe position.

On the sixth take, the explosion occurs right at the location where Michael Jackson is standing. Then Michael Jackson descends the stairs unaware, at first, that his hair is on fire. People rush to his aid to extinguish the flames. When he rises from the crowd of people that smothered the flames, a bald spot is clearly visible where his hair was burned away. He also appears to be in pain.

Michael Jackson suffered second and third-degree burns from the accident.

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