Clock in Header Removed — Data Center Fire Caused Delay in Page Loading

Fisher Plaza Data Center Fire Causes Major Internet Outage

On July 3, 2009 the clock in the header of ceased functioning because the connection to was interrupted after an electrical fire and blown transformer knocked out Clocklink’s data center. Page load errors were noted and most users experienced immediate display of The Cardinal page header without the clock, but then the rest of the page was delayed for about 18 to 20 seconds.

Since this clock function interfered with the proper loading of The Cardinal pages, the clock function has been removed. The Cardinal pages now load much faster.

Direct access to Clocklinked was also delayed, apparently due to technical difficulties. Some other pages where clocks do not appear in a header style sheet have been left untouched across The Cardinal websites. These pages still load in a timely manner, but the clock is simply blank.

Due to unreliable performance of the clock in the header, and its interference with proper loading of web pages in The Cardinal, the header clock is likely to be PERMANENTLY removed.

The Cardinal looks forward to the return of clocks on other pages [UPDATE Clocklink was restored sometime after 8 a.m. CDT]. Best of luck to in getting restored.

The outage at was caused by a fire in a data center at Seattle’s Fisher Plaza just after midnight early Friday morning. A blown transformer knocked out power to the entire building Other web sites affected were,,, Bing Travel,, Redfin online real estate, and

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