Video of LAFD Rescue Ambulance 71 with Michael Jackson Backing Out of 100 Carolwood Drive


Los Angeles Fire Department Rescue Ambulance (RA 71) backs out of the front gate at 100 Carolwood Drive, Bel Air in Los Angeles.



In the video, it appears that the gate security laments with a moan and outreached hand on the back window of the ambulance, as Los Angeles Rescue Ambulance 71 changes direction from reverse to forward, and heads for the hospital.

In response to the Los Angeles Fire Department Rescue Ambulance (RA 71) backing out of the gate at 100 Carolwood Drive, many YouTube commenters critiqued how slowly the ambulance backed up. They don’t realize that doing CPR is not effective when the crew is tossed around in the back of the ambulance. In addition, an ambulance will pull over to a stop on the side of the road if a new intravenous cannula has to be inserted, medications are introduced into the intravenous line, or any other detailed techniques need to be performed. Backing up and changing direction needs to be done with care. Picture this: Hitting a pothole or swerving while a paramedic is using a syringe plunger to introduce meds into the IV — not a good idea.

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Route from LAFD Fire Station 71 at 107 South Beverly Glen Boulevard to 100 North Carolwood is .9 mile (unknown if crews were in the fire station or on the street at the time of dispatch).

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Satellite image map of rented mansion where Michael Jackson died (34.08118800, -118.425086 or 100 North Carolwood, Bel-Air/Los Angeles).

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Google route (estimated ambulance transport route) from 100 Carolwood Drive to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

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  1. Its just not easy to think this is really fact. There is just not enough reaction from his closest friends. It just doesn’t seem possible, and now I read intubated above…on this page? Get the story straight people your making us wonder more and more is this real or not. I would be more then happy to hear Mike or Michael just needed a way out, or he was paralized or stroked or in a coma for many months hooked up to what ever but not death guys. This is so hard to fathom with all his people all his money he did have, was worth and his smarts even if he was loosing everything he could still live a normal life as a man with another face that grew older and retired like others have.
    Many people think this was handled wrong, his brother acted like he was not really into reading what he did to the public. How could this person be given something that could kill him later and what about the modern technology of using a defib then and there when he was getting weak and shallow with breathing
    are those people educated that were taking care of him? Seems like they were faking the ability to do anything.
    Its a shame with all his money& help who you have to wonder.. did they know anything at all besides how to stand around & pretend to be tough& macho and guard him -and then he couldnt be saved ???by one of them via cpr defib machine other procedures ? unreal &strange& hard for some people to accept. The events that took place seem like a plan..its pretty sad he won’t be around for his children. He’s the youngest of the brothers, the last to be born and the first to die?? A heart attack that maybe caused by a reaction to meds or something … for him to not be saved some how just seems stupid. Stroke,coma or brain dead understandable but a heart attack – he just had a physical for the tour or show he was to do so this is weird& hard to accept who signed the physical without doing it……but then who do we know that has ever staged an exit from show bizzz??? Time will tell, with many stories.It might have been better to hear he’s in a coma and wakes many months later…as an older normal “aged” Jackson brother. I wish we’d hear he magically escaped like he did in his shows and came back with a different normal appearance and was living some where in the far east, even some where as unique as Canada or even India some where ….with his kids and just had to exit his character for good. The way the stretcher and the attendants appear to be moving it -gives the impression this is not a body but something else being transported. I get the impression there is much more behind the scenes, with people being held from going into the hospital they work at – not happening here at any hospital I’ve worked at. How crazy and suspicious is that??? What kind of hospital would keep the staff back from going into the hospital to help at least with crowd control etc…this was all plan”d ahead and how did that happen? How could this happen almost like Elvis Presley ……Anna Nichole Smith ….who gave him the meds who set this up? It doesn’t make sense. Money or not Michael Jackson would still be making money after he was gone and be the same person remembered for his incredible abilities young or old he’s made a name for himself his smarts brilliant ability to motivate people and he was a brother to his brothers and sister. I look forward to hearing more about this, his children he had are never going to recover from loosing him…thats the real sad and preventable fact..along with the way the care was given …we all have to wonder is it ok for the delay in time to get help, is it normal to be rough with the procedures or not…all the finer details really need to be thought about by everyone well off or not when medical attention is needed -how many people needing medical attention have died due to “the bumping” and rough stuff & bumps along the way, the unstabilized interventions by the attendants in or even before the ambulance???? Do we ever wonder if the heart that is in an attack mode or an organ thats in trouble can handle being knocked around more over the curbs or what ever….just noticing this more and more so when we say doa to hospital do we ever wonder what happened along the way…what audits can be done to see patients arrive alive more often then not well off or not…just thought I’d put that out there. I cant get the cable station cnn but would love to know what is being said by closer people to the situation ….if there will be an open casket of the real Michael Jackson or not…it just doesnt seem real people. How long did they work on him? Was he truly intubated at the house or did they stand around a bit and wait and seeeee

  2. You know the area he was living in is not that nice, I really thought he lived in an area that was near the beaches, beautiful view and lots of space from others this place appears in a congested area of housing – gee wilikers he could have had a beautiful house in Canada for a fraction of that cost and more space from people ….what a crime and shame this is. I wonder who led him to live there and why he landed there to live before this all happened. My goodness such a shame, sure hope all the other people like Michael Jackson learn from this and get people on staff that are truly walking what they say they are and do some training sessions for your heart and happy health and for the sake of being alive just in case something does happen.
    God Bless Michael Jackson where ever he is heaven or earth what ever he appears as he’s still a Jackson and always will be regardless of what really happened.
    a concerned canadian

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