Charges Dropped After Oklahoma Highway Trooper and Paramedic Struggle Outside Ambulance

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The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released the dashcam video of the altercation between trooper Daniel Martin and Creek Nation EMT Maurice White Jr. Video showing Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper fight with Creek Nation EMT-Paramedic Maurice White, Jr.

UPDATE: DASH CAM RELEASED from Oklahoma Highway Patrol (Available on FOXNEWS …)

On Sunday May 24, 2009 Kenyada Davis, whose mother was in the back of a Creek Nation ambulance en route to the hospital without lights and sirens, shot a video of a physical altercation between Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Daniel Martin and Creek Nation paramedic Maurice White, Jr. with his cell phone camera.

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The driver of the ambulance, EMT-B Paul Frank, was attempting to avoid a car that had slowed down, when Oklahoma troopers claimed Frank failed to yield to the trooper’s squad car. That’s when Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Daniel Martin, who was responding with lights and siren to assist the Okfuskee County with a stolen vehicle, got on a common radio frequency and told the paramedics to check their rear-view mirrors and told Franks he should be more observant. Trooper Martin said he also saw Paul Franks gesture with his middle finger as the ambulance was passing the scene of the stolen car report. White and Franks deny the gesture, saying Franks just raised his hand in surprise.

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That’s when Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Daniel Martin began a pursuit with the ambulance and made traffic stop while the ambulance was still en route to the hospital.

During the traffic stop White said the trooper bolted out of his car in a huff and yelled at Franks, “What do you mean flipping me off?” The trooper told Franks he was going to be issued a citation for failure to yield, adding that “I did not appreciate your hand gesture.”

When White interrupted and tried to get in between Martin and Franks, the trooper tried to arrest him for obstructing an officer. That sparked the first of two physical altercations as White attempted to resist arrest and explain that the ambulance had a patient and requested that they may continue to go to the hospital.

The trooper then walked back to the ambulance and told White he would be arrested once he arrived at the hospital, but he observed the paramedic was not in the ambulance with the patient. Martin said he walked around to the passenger side of the ambulance where White was standing and was told by White that he wanted to file charges against the trooper for assaulting a paramedic.

That’s when the second physical altercation began with paramedic White grabbing Martin and refusing to let go, and trooper Martin putting a choke hold on the paramedic’s neck to force White to release him. When the second altercation calmed down, the ambulance was allowed to proceed to the hospital with the trooper following.

Several family members were following the ambulance. That’s when Kenyada Davis used his cell phone to capture the two altercations on video.

The police claim the police have a dash cam video that produces more information for the conflict, but have not released the dash cam video. There is also report that Martin’s wife was in the back of the trooper’s patrol car, but that did not violate Oklahoma Highway Patrol policy.

Pedestrians Diana Walkup and Peggy Skaggs were in the area when they witnessed the confrontation between Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s Daniel Martin and the Creek Nation ambulance crew of Maurice White Jr. and Paul Franks. In a written statement, the women indicated they were horrified by the trooper’s behavior. Witness Diana Walkup says the paramedic never touched anyone until the patrolman grabbed his arm.

The Ohio Highway Patrol closed the investigation on June 11, 2009. Trooper Daniel Martin has been on administrative leave since June 1, 2009 and charges have been dropped against paramedic Maurice White, Jr.

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  1. Millions of people have now watched this web clip. Many of those who have followed the story beyond the early articles are convinced that American Police are ill disciplined adolescents who care more for their own ego than the welfare of the public. This is unfair to the many highly professional, disciplined and brave officers (male and female) who serve the public professionally and well even in trying or dangerous circumstances.
    Suspicion was heightened further when it was announced that the officer concerned had not been stood down or suspended and charges were being considered against the EMT. The Oklahoma Bureau of Public Safety has done itsself no favours by it’s handling of this debacle, and unfairly cast a slur on many others in American Law enforcement who deserve better from colleagues in arms.

  2. White and Franks were the ones acting like ill disciplined adolescents. Are you deaf and blind? Watch it again and stop being such a punk enabler. The cop LET THEM GO but they CONTINUED arguing and got physical. Why does this not register in your punk brain? The cop TOLD THEM TO GO and they continued arguing with him. They should have just apologised and they would have been on their merry way. I swear mothers must not be teaching their children BASIC MANNERS. White and Franks are arrogant asses and I hope they get the book thrown at them. The crappy spoilt brat attitudes that the police have to put up with boggles the mind – the police should be ALLOWED to beat them. People are so damned ARROGANT these days. Watch Chris Rocks “How not to get your ass beat by the police” for some tips on how not to be such a punk ass.

  3. It was equally surprising and disgusting to see such behaviour by Oklahoma highay patrol.

    The patrol should aid the ambulances progress to the hospital instead of harrassing them. You can relax assured that if one of the patrolman was in the ambulance being transported to the hospital there would be total cooperation.

    An ambulance with lights/siren should take precedence over police/patrol movement.

    What should happen is that when a police/patrol becomes aware of an ambulance with lights and siren, they should do what they can to assist. One should assume that an ambulance with lights/siren running has a life threatening situation, patrol on the other hand rarely has a life threatening situation (unless it’s a patrolman armed with a firearm and an inflated was the case here)

    I also think that anyone who would impede an ambulance run should be spending some jail time.

    Every patrolman I’ve ever met were friendly, business like and got their point across in a polite way. The patrolmen in this video seem to have more ego than concern for public need.

    I say, there should be no room for that kind of patrolman. This patrolman’s attitude makes him a danger to the public..he is armed, after all.

    L. Hale
    Whitney Texas

  4. Wow. “Alfred Rosenburg” you seem to be a BLIND, DEAF jackass. The trooper should never have pulled the ambulance over to begin with nor should he have used an EMERGENCY FREQUENCY to make snide comments to the paramedic about checking his rearview mirror. The trooper, at a HIGH and unneccessary rate of speed, raced up to only three feet between the ambulance and his patrol car where the paramedic wouldn’t have been able to see ANY car behind him.
    So before there was EVER a confrontation for White and Franks to act like “ill disciplined adolescents”, the trooper was already in the wrong.
    And it’s people like you with NO SENSE who make moronic comments that make me LONG for “arrogance” like White and Franks as opposed to ignorance like yours.

  5. Someone needs to review the officers police reports of the incident. If they lied on their police reports as to how the incident occurred, there is a possibility that they can be charged with a crime. If they are charged and convicted of a crime, they might be removed from the police force.

  6. We aren’t talking about all officers, only this one in this video. Besides how badly he acted, what is much more important here is the PATIENT in the ambulance and his complete disregard for her well-being. When a person is being transported in an ambulance, it’s a medical emergency. Of course, his attorney spends 5 minutes talking about whether or not the driver flipped him off, and does not address the fact that he was obstructing this patient’s medical treatment. He should be fired for that, & if he had been his next victim wouldn’t have had an undeserved beating.

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