Satellite Dish Stolen from Backyard? Nope, Just Comcast Working Their Upgrade

A resident in the 300 block of West Hintz took off after a man that was in his backyard about 3:00 a.m. Monday. The resident thought the man had just stolen his satellite dish and thought “the offender” was fleeing eastbound on Hintz. He pursued the man, but soon police and the resident understood the man to be a Comcast contractor working on upgrading the lines in the neighborhood.

Comcast is improving their infrastructure throughout Arlington Heights to provide a new higher speed Internet service.

Comcast “Extreme 50” offers up to 50 Mbps of downstream speed and up to 10 Mbps of upstream speed at $139.95/month.

Comcast “Ultra” offers up to 22 Mbps of downstream speed and up to 5 Mbps of upstream speed at $62.95/month.

Arlington Heights Police get numerous calls almost every night for suspicious activity in backyards and along parkways. They respond to check out all calls, which often turn out to be Comcast contractors who are working during the midnight shift to minimize interruptions during daylight hours.