Michael Lechner, 23, Identified as Victim in Fatal Buffalo Grove Motorcycle Crash


A Suzuki motorcycle rests after crash involving a Mercury Montego at Buffalo Grove Road and Old Oak Drive.



Michael Lechner, 23, driver of a Suzuki motorcycle was apparently southbound on Buffalo Grove Road when he was killed after he crashed into a Mercury Montego that pulled out eastbound from Old Oak Drive.

Northwest Central Dispatch 9-1-1 for Buffalo Grove received numerous calls for a serious motorcycle accident at Buffalo Grove Road and Old Oak Drive (across from Cobbler Lane) about 12:55 p.m. Sunday. Police arrived on the scene first and found a male motorcycle driver under the a silver Mercury Montego. Michael Lechner was pinned under the rear tire of the car and was extricated by Buffalo Grove Fire Department. Lechner, 23, of the 300 block of Lincoln Terrace in Buffalo Grove (about one mile from the accident) was pronounced dead at the scene. Firefighter/paramedics used equipment to jack up the car and access Lechner, who was unconscious without respiration and without a pulse. Police say Lechner was not wearing a helmet. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

A driver and a passenger in the silver Mercury Montego were not injured in the collision.

Buffalo Grove Police Department called in the Major Case Assistance Team for a prolonged investigation at the intersection. Traffic delays in the area continued until traffic was opened up at the intersection after 3:00 p.m.

A second motorcycle accident occurred nearby on Golfview Terrace and Buffalo Grove Road with minor injury to the motorcycle driver. The driver of the second motorcycle accident was immediately standing after the accident.

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Location where car vs. motorcycle accident killed a Buffalo Grove man across from The Arlington Club entrance at Cobbler Lane. The motorcycle struck a car pulling out of Old Oak Drive. Map journal courtesy of STREETSOFARLINGTON.COM.


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  1. please explain why you worded this article as “The motorcycle struck a car pulling out of Old Oak Drive”. Mike was driving down a busy street and the ignorant driver who wasn’t paying attention was turning off a sidestreet onto a major street.

    People need to pay attention while they are driving!

  2. Pavel! Did you know Michael? if yes and if you are familiar with CRR riding group or you or Michael are members, please log in to our website and post and update of what happened.

    RIP Brother!

  3. I live on the other side of the block and saw the after math. What a sad ordeal, the poor guy was out probably for one of the first Sundays of good weather for a nice cruise. Does anybody know how fast he may have been going?

  4. Pavel G …

    RE: The statement, “The motorcycle struck a car pulling out of Old Oak Drive”.

    The statement is used as a caption under a map that clearly shows that Buffalo Grove Road is a main thoroughfare compared to Old Oak Drive. Therefore, people can assume for themselves where the fault lies with this accident. If the motorcycle were under the front of the car, the statement would have said that the car struck the motorcycle. There’s no intention to put blame on Mike Lechner. It’s a scary reminder that we all have to double check our blind spots.

    I am sure the Buffalo Grove police and the Major Case Assistance Team have the best answers, but the only consolation is that — in learning about this tragedy — “cagers” will be more alert to bikers, and bikers will be more alert for the “cager” that isn’t.

  5. RIP MIKE..Thats my riding buddy and life will not be the same witout him. Im going to miss waking up in the summer and riding from dusk till dawn. Your my boy mike we will always remember u.

  6. This is not A matter of whos fault it is people Mike was a good man. Losing people in your life that you care about or even someone that a friend cares about is not easy dont you have something better to fight about.

  7. Can we all just remember the reality of this situation. Michael was someones son, someones brother, someones boyfriend! He was an amazing person and made a great impact in his life! His family is in great mourning right now, as should we. Its a tragedy like no other! We should be pushing the law, to make helmets a legal must!!!

    I pray for his family and friends! Lets remember the good times with him! May he Rest in Peace!

  8. As a fellow motorcyclist, my heart goes out to his friends and family. Other riders should use this as a warning to always be cautious of cars and their operators not paying attention and, more importantly, always wear proper protective gear. Number one is a helmet

  9. RIP MICHAEL SHANE. WE LOVED YOU SO MUCH. You were truely an amazing person and an awesome friend. Gone now, but FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. We will never forget you. LOVE YOU!

  10. im sorry to the family and friends. i dont understand drivers and how u can miss a motorcyle or pedestrian for that matter. I didnt know him but i feel for you guys who did. He is now watching down on us. RIP

  11. Rest in peace buddy. You were an amazing man and i will never forget about you. Lets all just start seeing bikes. If this person had been paying more attention my guy might still be here. I love you mike

  12. I Haven’t seen Mike in a few years but Iwas very sad when I heard of his departure from our world too soon. unfortunatley the series of events leading to his untimely death happen all too often. People pull out into traffic and stay there as if they have the right of way. Mike was a great guy full of energy and life and was taken from us too soon. Some people want to blame him for allegedly speeding and not wearing a helmet. Truth of the matter is while it’s those things that may have increased the possibility of his death and or injuries, he never would have died if the other driver had paid attention and followed the rules of the road. Yes I am angry to see another young soul called to rest prematurely. Now you can fly high and fast Mike. R.I.P. we love you buddy

  13. my heart goes out to u mike.haven’t seen u since school, but i remember giving u n gina a ride home one day when u guys needed it.i will always remember you.

    r.i.p mike..take care of gina to while your up there.

  14. Love ya bud R.I.P. we will party one day again… i will find you in heaven and make you buy me a drink unless there free then were going to have a good old time. Mike you are my dawg for life even though your gone =(

  15. Michael Shane Lechner was a great guy! Our families have been friends for 50 years. Michael had a HUGE heart, great sense of humor, and loved life. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Rest in peace Buddy! I love you.

  16. Michael Shane was a great guy! I know that he is at the right hand of God now. This kind of thing just makes you think when a 23 year old just at the begining of his life can go, any one at any minute can so make sure that you are right with your maker! I lovcd you michael shane and will never foget you, I have and will continue to pray for your family that they seek the wisdom of God through all of this.

  17. Mike you were a great guy with a contagious smile. They say only the good die young and this is defiantely true. You were such a fun spirited guy and are going to be greatly missed. Rest in paradise Mike. Watch over us =]

  18. I pray that you rest in peace Mike. You were and will always be so loved; You were a great person with a beautiful soul that is now watching over everyone who loves you. Thanks for your presence here on earth. Rest in peace.

  19. This is about distracted drivers in cars – AGAIN! I am a biker and this has happened to us all time and again. Cars pull out and make turns in front of us when we have the right of way. Helmets aren’t the answer! We all should have the freedom use one or not. And if you research them, they are not rated for a very high MPH. The answer is drivers in cars learning to pay attention! I was also hit by a distracted driver but was very lucky and survived. If you all want to help, log onto: http://www.blacknailbrigade.com and join in helping to get the word out and educating people. This was put together by the son of Anita Zaffke who was killed last year by the woman painting her nails while driving.

  20. Save-a-Pet Presents:
    Michael’s Miracle Help Save Lives/Honor a Friend

    Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Michael Shane knows what an animal lover he was especially to his American Bulldog Cain (or as he liked to say, Mama) which is why it is such an honor that Save-A-Pet has chosen to name their annual supply drive after him.

    In honor of Michael Shane’s birthday and to kick off Save-A-Pet’s annual supply drive please come join us (with or without your canine) at:

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