Extensive “Gang Graffiti” in the Area Just West of Northwest Community Hospital

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Graffiti on a pole along Kirchhoff, just north of Northwest Community Hospital.

“Gang graffiti” on a Neighborhood Watch sign on Villas Arlington property in the 800 block of South Dwyer in Arlington Heights.

Arlington Heights Police received a report of extensive “gang graffiti” in the area along Kirchhoff Road, west and north of Northwest Community Hospital. Graffiti was also found in the Villas Arlington property in the 800 block of South Dwyer Avenue, just west of Northwest Community Hospital. The vandalism was found with multiple offense on the length of a white fence and on utility poles in the area.

In the past few months, several incidents of graffiti vandalism have occurred at Sunset Meadows park.

Arlington Heights Police are investigating. It is unknown if the criminal damage to property and vandalism is actual gang activity or prank graffiti.

Graffiti at Villas Arlington near Church Creek Healthcare Center.

Utility pole graffiti along Kirchhoff Road in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Street gang graffiti information

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  1. that’s not gang graffiti, there’s nothing gang related about it. please show me one gang insignia, or reference to a gang. someone just tagged the fence and posts with their not so creative tagging name “jerk” all graffiti is not gang graffiti, idiot.

  2. Joe Smith — Did you even read the article? The article doesn’t say it was gang graffiti. “Gang graffiti” is in quotes. And there are also the following sentences: “Arlington Heights Police are investigating. It is unknown if the criminal damage to property and vandalism is actual gang activity or prank graffiti.” Are you trying to brag how much you know about gangs? Or just prove that YOU are the idiot. HOw do you know a gang didn’t do the graffiti, but decided not put their insignia with their tags? Get some glasses or learn how to read.

  3. No that is not gang related graffiti its tagger graffiti that a young kid is doing I’ll help you out a bite if you want to catch the kid that’s doing this i don’t live in the Illinois area but this may help you so here its all some one has to do is take a can of paint and write were his tag is write by it saying nice stuff or good work and if the kid gets on the internet you can make him get caught by saying or tell him to go do a tag with more color and make it brighter next time and make sure you know that the building has cameras as long as he doesn’t see them tell him witch building to tag or hit up you could tell him witch side of town to tag as well if he knows his tags are being “seen” he will want to do more were you tell him and that’s how he will get busted if

    if i was from there i would help get him busted for doing that stuff i still might could if one of you guys just give me a little more info like were is the most graffiti at in town and witch buildings have cameras youtube is a good website it helps if i was a cop i would be the one to set people up just go to youtube type in “Illinois graffiti jerk” and if you find a video with the tag name jerk on it or graffiti jerk thats were to start the bust its very simple really it is to catch some one you just have to know how i hope this helps you guys

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