Home Invasion Call for Help Ends with Resident Arrested for Possession of Narcotics

FRI JAN 08 2009 — Arlington Heights Police received a call for help regarding a home invasion from a woman in the 600 block of Happfield Drive Friday morning. When police arrived, there was no evidence of a home invasion, but they smelled marijuana and then got a search warrant to sniff the home for drugs. The action resulted in the arrest of the caller’s boyfriend, Johnny Beltran, 28, who was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver.

A K-9 unit assisted with the sniff and after a prolonged police operation, 350 grams of cocaine and 827 grams of cannabis were confiscated with a value of about $100,000. Police also found $70,000 in cash in the home and $30,000 cash in the offender’s car. Beltran’s girlfriend claimed she new nothing about the drugs, and no charges were filed for any home invasion.

Johnny Beltran’s bail was set $750,000 locally, but another criminal case negated that bail agreement — Beltran is being held without bond. If convicted of the Class X felony for drug-related charges, he faces a sentence of nine to 40 years in prison.