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Ask Paul B!

Ask Paul B: Just Part of LIfe…

I am the Grandfather of six. I am turning 74 very soon, and I tried to do the best job I could, bringing up my kids, and three of the grand kids. We lost a granddaughter last year, and I am so responsible, the guilt is preventing me from being myself. I don’t want to laugh at jokes, or go to movies, or even talk to my wife and family much at all. I blame myself and can’t seem to move ahead. I talked to a neighbor who did some guidance counseling years ago (she is exactly my age,) but I think she’s just trying to make me feel better. How do we move on when we are guilty […] […]

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24/7 Crime Alerts!

Seven University of Illinois Students Arrested; Large Amount of Drugs Found After Raid at Lambda Chi Alpha

262 University of Illinois police staged drug raids Thursday after a long period of surveillance at two fraternity house connected to the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Police served search warrants at the fraternity house (209 […]

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Andrew Frame Arrested on Drug Charges After Drug Lab, Illegal Drugs Found at Home on Campbell Ave, Des Plaines

56 View Larger Map Google Street View at Campbell Avenue and Center looking toward 1400 block of Campbell Avenue. Des Plaines police discovered a man covered with what appeared to be blood about 10:43 p.m., […]

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Carmelo Rios and Maria Garza, Residents of Arlington Heights and Owners of DeLucas Pizzeria in Buffalo Grove

191 Carmelo Rios (left) and Maria Garza (DEA/Cook County States Attorney photo). The owners of a northwest suburban Pizzeria and several other individuals have been charged with participating in a major narcotics trafficking operation responsible […]