Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Pro-Palestinian Protest Video Shows Woman Shouting “Go Back to Your Oven!”

YouTube video from that shows Palestinian-Israeli protest clash in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

DEC 30 2008 — Demonstration/Protest: Started with a “handful” 200-300 pro-Palestinians demonstrating against Israel and the United States for supporting Israel over Israel’s action in Gaza. Protest located at the main strip of Broward Blvd near First Baptist Church (Broward and NE 3rd Ave). About 50 pro-Israel demonstrators were also at the location. One woman shouted “Go back to the oven!”

Intensity, fervor and anxiety progressed through a period of about 2-3 hours.

Women shouting “Go back to your oven” and other chants from pro-Palestinian demonstrators:
Time to go.
Occupation is a crime.
You’re all losers.
Your mother is pork.
Go fxxk yourself.
There is no Israel.
Go go Hell. Go to Hell. Go to Hell!
Go to Hell! Israel.
Free, Free Palestine!
Cowards. Cowards! Cow-ards.
Go. Go to your other land.
Go back to your oven.
You need a big oven … that’s what you need.

Video also shows Imam in call to prayer.

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Map of Fort Lauderdale region southeast Florida.

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Map of location of pro-Palestinian protest in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Broward Boulevard and NE 3rd Avenue.

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