West Coast Bank Bomb Blast in Woodburn, Oregon Kills Two Law Enforcement Officers

View Larger Map/Google Street View of West Coast Bank bomb scene.

UPDATE: Joshua A. Turnidge, 32, was arrested and charged with murder, manufacturing and possession of a dangerous device, assault, and conspiracy on Sunday in Salem, Oregon (about 20 miles south) after police released bank surveillance photographs. Turnidge is a divorced steelworker and former navy serviceman who served at Naval Station Great Lakes in Illinois.

Woodburn Police Captain Tom Tennant, 51, and Senior Trooper William Hakim, 51, a state bomb disposal technician, were killed at the scene in a bomb explosion at the West Coast Bank at 2520 Newberg Highway Friday afternoon.

Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell, 46, was injured in critical condition at a Portland hospital.

Law enforcement officers and a bomb squad responded to the area after a threat at a nearby Wells Fargo Bank, where they found a harmless device. An investigation led the officers to the West Coast Bank. A bank employee found the bomb in bushes outside of the West Coast Bank and for an unknown reason the law officers brought the bomb inside the West Coast Bank where it exploded.

Federal authorities are offering a $35,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.