Iraq al-Qaida No. 2 Killed During Raid in Mosul, Iraq

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OCT 05 2008 — Abu Qaswarah (Iraq’s al-Qaida Number 2) was killed during a raid on a building that involved a shootout in the northern city of Mosul that served as a major “command and control location” for the region. Four other insurgents were also killed. Abu Qaswarah was second in command of Al-Qaida in Iraq behind Abu Ayyub al-Masri.

Abu Qaswarah was a Swedish-Moroccan who trained in Afghanistan, recruited foreign fighters and ran operations in northern Iraq where Sunni insurgents remain a potent threat. He is known to have killed insurgents who tried to return home to avoid carrying out suicide bombings and other attacks against Iraqis. A large number of Iraqi Christians were killed by al-Qaida.

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