Homeless Couple Attack Jennifer Hall and Joseph Hoffman on Wabash in Chicago South Loop

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A homeless couple attacked a couple walking along Wabash street after receiving a “no” for a request for cigarettes from the couple that was out celebrating a birthday. Joyce Burgess, 38, sitting on a wall on the west side of Wabash near Roosevelt, jumped off the wall and attacked Jennifer Hall who had just left the Wabash Tap in the South Loop celebrating her 36th birthday with boyfriend Joseph Hoffman. Burgess attacked Hall from behind after the couple walked about two or three steps past the initial verbal encounter between the four people. Hoffman immediately came in to defend his girlfriend by pushing Burgess off of his girlfriend. The homeless male, Derrick King, 46, then jumped off the wall and attacked Joe Hoffman. The two males tangled in a fight, but King broke free with Hoffman’s Blackberry and started kicking 5′ 4″ and 110-pound Jennifer Hall in the head while she was on the ground.

Jennifer Hall suffered a broken jaw, the loss of about one dozen teeth and other injuries. She was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and her treatment included several surgeries and a drug-induced coma. A rehabilitation period is also expected for the victim.

The homeless couple fled, but were captured immediately by Chicago Police officers. Derrick King and Joyce Burgess reside at Pacific Garden Mission on South Canal, but face seven years in prison if convicted.

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