Boy Driving ATV on North Illinois Avenue Hits Parked Car, Crashes, Injured Thursday

Arlington Heights Fire Department paramedics administer medical treatment to an injured boy who crashed his ATV on Illinois Avenue in Arlington Heights Thursday afternoon.

Arlington Heights Fire Department paramedics treated and transported a male youth after he hit a parked car while driving an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) in the 1300 block of North Illinois Avenue in Arlington Heights. The accident was reported about 1:00 p.m. Thursday. The boy was treated for trauma with intravenous fluids, a backboard, cervical collar and other spinal precaution procedures observed at the scene on the street next to the crashed ATV.  A three-personnel paramedic crew accompanied the boy to Northwest Community Hospital after treatment and spinal immobilization.

A dent, possibly from helmet impact is visible on the left, rear fender of the black vehicle. Arlington Heights Police are investigating.

Paramedics get the IV flowing and prepare for the backboard for a boy injured after he crashed his ATV.