Two Dead in Hostage Situation in Dolton, Illinois

Police shoot gunman after the gunman shot and killed his hostage.

TUE JUN 24 2008 — A hostage situation after an armed robbery went bad inside the Illinois Vehicle Insurance, 1031 East Sibley Boulevard  in Dolton, Illinois about 2:20 p.m. lasted about an hour and a half. The woman, who was reportedly a clerk there, was held hostage inside the business after the gunman demanded $5,000.

The gunman, Michael Rodgers, 34, was shot three times when he ran out of the business building and aimed his gun toward police officers. A SWAT team, armed with semi-automatics and dressed in camouflage, had surrounded the business following a holdup alarm and confirmation of a hostage situation.

Inside the business, police found Jeniel D. Morgan, 42, who was deadwith a gun shot wound and multiple lacerations to her torso and head.