Fake Cop Makes Traffic Stop, Attempts Sexual Assault

SAT MAY 03 2008 — About 5:00 a.m. a man in a silver, four-door Audi flashed his headlights at a car with two women inside. The man said he was arresting the driver for improper lane usage and asked the passenger to leave. The passenger ran off and the man handcuffed the driver and had her sit in the backseat of his Audi and drove off. He then pulled to the side of the rode, removed the handcuffs and placed the woman in the front seat. The woman tried to escape and was tackled and a sexual assault was attempted, but the man fled when she began screaming.

The woman was not hurt and reported the incident to police after running to a nearby gas station.

Only description available is that the man was about 5' 10", 180 to 190 pounds, age 25-30, and styling brown, spiked hair.

Police advise people to call 9-1-1 if they are being pulled over by an unmarked car and after confirmation stop in a public place where people are present, or drive to the police station.

Most police departments have a marked car present when any type of traffic stop is attempted.

Buffalo Grove Police are seeking witnesses or anyone with information who can help with the investigation; call 847-459-2560.